Historical list of work

Some words for me.

Front-end engineer at GetMyBoat

Headsmart concussion testing

JustSketchMe - Characters for figure drawing

You don't need blockchain article

IntoOuterBass rhythm game

Prana breathing app

Tech teaching fellowship in Accra, Ghana - (my students got funded)

HorusPass password manager

Out the Door Global Game Jam 2019

Ran MEST/Merck hackathon

Developer Coach at MAKE

Wheelchair Wizards Global Game Jam 2018 (Most Fun Game award)

Published algorithms course

WhyPictures webcomic

Zuri's Lab - Pyromaniacs game

EyeGym app

Pop a Pressie game

Pernod Ricard AR tasting mat

Solemn Dong Global Game Jam 2016 (Technical Expertise award)

Sight Sense VR flight simulator

Cape Union Mart online store

Trappers online store

ActionGear online store

BIS in Computer Science & Multimedia

ValleyView hostel website